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Skully Wolf Detailed Canine Wearable Head 3D Printed Advanced Skull Cosplay Fursuit Werewolf Furry Dog Bone Animal Decoration

Skully Wolf Detailed Canine Wearable Head 3D Printed Advanced Skull Cosplay Fursuit Werewolf Furry Dog Bone Animal Decoration


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**Note:Orders can take 4-6+ weeks to complete. Drop offs occur Thursdays & Fridays.***



-Yay it's finally done! My first of the "Skully" series projects.

It's from a project started years ago (2015) but now made wearable(2019)!
There are lots of updates and that made it better overall.
One of them includes sustaining the more complex intersection with the jaw to the temple.
It is articulated(pre hinged by design), so no need to install a hinge only insert the jaw piece to the head piece.
This skull was originally based on the ancestral wolf.
It has been resculpted from my old study through several versions to fit people's heads and have much better vision.

Easy assembly 2 part: Jaw+Head piece
Integrated hidden hinge/fitting
No metal! (Only exceptions are headstrap options that can include small screws)
Chin gap for adding 1" width elastic strap(s)
Designed for elastic strap builds for a snap-back jaw effect (Does not include straps)
Nostril holes for LEDs, and better airflow. (a small or medium fan can be installed here to pull extra air).
Intersection of jaw and head pops through (more realism!)
Adequate number of teeth with alignment
Drillable, sandable and Paintable with acrylics and more!
This is generally considered lighter and more breathable than resin.

They take 2-3+ weeks to make 1 saying if there's no failure and not having to restart.
Typically time is added between material shipments, machine maintenance, any extras over base, and if there are multiple orders in line(see top completion times for current average wait times).
The process can be gruesome but budget friendly, like this Skully!
The details heavily strain my machines so there may only be a limited amount produced at a time in between maintenance periods however.
They look amazing to look at and fun to wear once completed. They will not get as hot as many other resin masks out there!

•Note: Weathering and other finishes can add extra days over the official ship by time.
5-7 layers is typical and each layer needs to cure for about a day after scrubbing.
Installations such as RGB LEDs will also add extra days.
EPX coatings need extra time for curing.

Work hours 100-125+
(Including machine hours)
Parts: 2

Size of Skully: Large (length is roughly 16")
Fits a average adult head ~22" or a tad smaller (add larger foam strips).
Measurement is from eye level looping around the head.
Overall feel: Smooth on top one way, rough on some edges. Might be rough on the inside.
*New machine upgrade took off the partition edging, so there's no longer need to worry about a manual seam. Occasionally, there's small manual fixes on end points for processed orders.
Overall look: Banded up close, with possible minimal strings and blemishes.
Voxel-like edging in some close up areas.

Recommended materials:
PLA for most situations, easy to sand/paint, durable. Best choice with balance of hardness and good details.

ABS for Hardy situations where it will be stressed more than normal, easy to sand and paint (causes toxic fumes when creating so these will be limited).
Hard difficulty to make because of picky conditions.

TPU for basically unbreakable parts in most common situations. Intermediate difficulty to sand/paint. Properties like hard phone case rubber.
Much higher difficulty to make and more expensive material.

PLAstic Pro+
Smoother, harder than PLA and retains slightly better details.
Easy sanding, painting qualities like PLA.

Common questions:
Is the jaw movable?
Yes and you are also able to take it off!
This makes it easier to work on your build.

What is the RAW option?
The RAW option means processing time is cut off so it has a small discount applied. It works well for those on a tighter budget who are willing to post process a rougher surface edging themselves. Surface can have several points, strings, steeper lines, etc. Great if you have a sanding/filling kit and tools ready.

Am I able to resell it?
Yes, you can modify to resell. I don't allow making copies of it principally and mechanically.
Crediting is very appreciated! 💙

Can I use hot glue on it?
It accepts hot glue, industrial e5000, and even contact glue.
It can warp if you use too much hot glue at a time on a single spot.
Contact glue takes about 20-30 minutes to start curing and I recommend to apply in thin layers.
You can use contact liquid glue for modifications and repairs.

I'm easy to talk to! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
I'm also open to any feedback suggestions to improve the works. 😊


June 23
V6 is available. (Separate listing)

December 22
Wolf Skully V5 has arrived!
Revamp overall look
Performance upgrades
Added natural bone texture & detailing
Improved teeth accuracy
Slightly bigger interior for better fitment compatibility.

October 2022
EPX coat options:
Pearl FX available (message).

February 2022
Style revamp V4 ✓
+ Performance upgrades and higher compatibility for more builds
+ Size slightly reduced
°PLA PRO Options update:
Stronger inline meshing w/offset: weight slightly increases

Jul7 2021
° Weather over Black added
° Ghost Bone Material added
° Yellow LIGHT Finish added

April 2021
° Material Bronze added
° Random colors- RAW option added

March 2021
Style revamp V3 ✓
° Easier to install eye mesh
° Jaw loop is further in for compatibility
° Minor overall tweaks

February 2021
Wood Natural added.
° Wood is a hybrid mulch of wood fibers mixed with PLA material. It is cleaned, sanded and Wax/Mineral Washed. ↓Applies to Wood options.
Wood Ebony Finish added.
Wood Red Chestnut Finish added.
Wood Dark Walnut Finish added.

Jan 2021 -
EPOX Coating options have been added.
For; Multiple materials.
°Adds high gloss and smoothness to the outer surface layer.

-December 2020-
Kryptonite UV Green Limited has been added. °Semi Translucent w/Iridescent
Ruby Red has been added.
Sapphire Blue has been added.

-November 2020
Red Copper Metallic has been added.
Neon Yellow Has been added.
Emerald Green has been added.
°Semi transparent
Tanzanite Blue Has been added.
Shiny White has been added.
Ultra shiny white Metallic has been added.
White Ivory/Bone white has been added.
Marble Rock has been added.
Galaxy Black has been added.

PLAstic Pro+ materials have been added.
@PRO) Limited Moccha Bone Color has been added.
Weather Effect over Moccha Bone color has been added.

I appreciate you reading this very much. Thanks for looking!

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