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Skully Dark Wolf Detailed Canine Wearable Head 3D Printed Hellhound Skull Cosplay Fursuit Werewolf Furry Dog Bone Animal Decoration

Skully Dark Wolf Detailed Canine Wearable Head 3D Printed Hellhound Skull Cosplay Fursuit Werewolf Furry Dog Bone Animal Decoration


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Dark Wolf Skully AKA: Hellhound / Darkhound Skull

Out of numerous requests last year, this is now emerging and near the completion stages!
Pre orders will help bring the projects through heavy prototyping stages ensuring the process goes
smoothly. Please note that this is a approximate preview and may change slightly during the final stages.
Its a native sculpt from the wolf skully, so it inherits many of its recent upgrades plus;
Cut/shortened rear bezier (Easier access)
Deep Stylization (Dark Theme)
Pre-installed snapback elastic strap (jaw movement)& Head Strap *Optional
Pre-installed Eye mesh*Optional

**Pre-order Prototype time is a extended time of 8+ weeks however it has a discounted tag price!
***Pre-orders are no longer available for this as its now in final production. ***
Thank you everyone!

Typically time is added between material shipments, machine maintenance, and if there are multiple orders in line.
I have a capacity of making a few at a time so they can come and go out of stock.
The process can be gruesome but budget friendly, like this Skully!
They look amazing to look at and fun to wear once completed. They will not get as hot as many other masks out there!
•Note: Weathering and other finishes can add extra days over the official ship by time.
5-7 layers is typical and each layer needs to cure for about a day after scrubbing.
Installations such as RGB LEDs will also add extra days.

Prototype estimation:
Work hours: 125+
(Including machine labor hours)
Estimation: Fits average adult head ~22" or a tad smaller (add larger foam strips).
Size of Skully: Large (length is 17") (Estimated)
Overall feel: Smooth on top one way, rough on some edges. Might be rough on the inside.
There may be some edging where the partition is combined around the top of the head but this can be sanded, filled or left as is.
Overall look: Banded up close, with possible minimal strings and blemishes.
Voxel-like edging in some close up areas.
Pre-assembled 2 part Jaw+Head piece

Integrated hidden hinge/fitting
No metal!
Chin gap for adding 1" width elastic strap(s)
Designed for elastic strap builds for a snap-back jaw effect (Straps are optional)
Nostril holes for LEDs, airflow
Intersection of jaw and head pops through (more realism)
Adequate number of teeth with alignment
Drillable, sandable and Paintable with acrylics and more
This is generally considered lighter and more breathable than resin.


Recommended materials:
PLA for most situations, easy to sand/paint, durable. Good with balance of hardness and details compared to ABS.

PLA Pro+
Smoother, and harder than PLA and retains slightly better details.
Easy sanding, painting qualities.

PLA PRO attributes plus;
Enhanced surface shine, surface smoothness, & added layer strength
^Adds a few extra days to completion time

Common questions:
Is the jaw movable?
Yes and you are also able to take it off!
This makes it easier to work on your build.

Am I able to resell it?
Yes, you can resell it and modify. I only don't allow making copies of it understandably. Crediting is very appreciated!

Can I use hot glue on it?
It accepts hot glue, industrial e5000, and even contact glue.
It can warp if you use too much hot glue at a time on a single spot.
Contact glue takes about 20-30 minutes to start curing and I recommend to apply in thin layers.
You can use contact liquid glue for modifications and repairs.


I'm easy to talk to! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
I'm also open to any feedback suggestions to improve the work.

Thanks for looking!

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