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Northern Wendigo Skully Advanced Wearable Articulated Skull Beast Cosplay Animal Hybrid

Northern Wendigo Skully Advanced Wearable Articulated Skull Beast Cosplay Animal Hybrid


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Northern Wendigo
-Natural State-

"A amalgamation of forest creatures for research went into making such beasts.
The escaped specimens settled around northern lands, but alas only some Skullies were procured from the survivors who dared to venture and come back with them."



Variant 3

Deadlier version found. Sharper teeth, more aggressive. *See notes below*

Specimen collection time has increased efficiency and reduced times. Manual fixes during the post processing phase have been eliminated.

Weathered grading options available.

Weathered (Recent) 1 day-7 weeks+
Equivalent to light bone weather, this specimen has a white base with yellowed or/and small brown cavities.
Specimen loc type; Lab/Fresh caught

Weathered (Old) 4 months-1yr+
This is Equivalent to WOW (weather over White) however it can use a light Ivory base. It is imbedded with yellows, several shades of brown and dark brown cavities.
Specimen loc type; Deep Forest

Weathered (Older) 1yr-5yrs+
Equivalent to WOW but can use a Ivory, Mocca or coffee base. Imbedded with orange/red, and several shades of brown/grey.
Specimen loc type; Deep Forest

Weathered (Ancient) N/A
Has a Mocca, coffee base or black base.
Imbedded with red orange, several shades of brown/black. More surface processing.
Specimen loc type; Deep Forest/jungle, artic/Savannah, caves, Ruins, Time phased

Weathered (Fossilized) N/A
Has a black base with many layers of brown/grey. Surface excavation process is more intense.
Specimen loc type; Deep Ruins, Time phased, deep underground caves

Discovered: V3
A deadlier version has been found. Key notes: Outer olfactory depth is notable. Bigger teeth, front teeth are sharper, notable overall wear details and a meaner demeanor.

Discovered: V2
A deadlier version has been found. Key notes: Sharper and fuller teeth, more features including a difference in the olfactory area. Small but notable differences all around.

Size: Large approx. 15" (Head) Length
Horn size approx 12"ea
Fits an average adult head to above average size head


Jaw movement: Articulated/Hinged. For snap back effect & chin rest use a elastic fabric band 1"w X 16"L.
Note that due to the higher complexity the jaw and head pieces currently come together in domestic shipments.
V1 does not come apart without heat treatment.
V2 allows careful push ins and quick disassembly of parts.

Intention: Intermediate cosplay/Crafting
Several vision areas are available to use. I recommend a fine privacy mesh to cover.
The head area has several points for strap placement. Foam strips are very recommended for a snug and proper fit.
The inner head area has different points for jaw band placement at your convinience.
Recommended screws:
2-4X ½" or ¼" coarse thread.
Recommended Antler/horn screws: 2X 1½"-2" top and 2X 1" bottom.
In most cases a screw set will be included while in supply.

Parts: 4
Head: Jaw: Horn Pair
They are screw-in types and are detachable.
Average hours to complete: 150-180 hrs including machine labor hours.
V1 has manual configurations so small things like the Antler joints are unique.
V2 has some performance fixes.

Note: All weathering, finish options, and custom pattern finishes can take extra time from the official estimate. Occasionally there is a lead time that can push over the official time.
There are limited rush services {50usd} available if you have a early deadline. This service pays for overtime labor to cut 2-3 weeks from the official time. Please message for a guaranteed finish by date ( typically ships Thursdays-Fridays after completion).

The prototyping phase is complete. Thanks everyone!

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