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Grey Fox Skully Head 3D Printed Advanced Skull for Film, Fursuits and Cosplay

Grey Fox Skully Head 3D Printed Advanced Skull for Film, Fursuits and Cosplay


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The Fox Skully: V4 *see update notes below for version differences*
It is based on the skull of the Grey Fox as reference(most notably the U shaped crest vs V shape.
Variant 4-the sculpting process has reached over 370 hours of sculpt work-yay!
V1 started in 2018, so quite alot of progress has been made since then.

This head and jaw base is made for lightweight performance with high visibility whilst maintaining a Fox-like look and features. It is perforated at the hull of the nose to increase airflow as well as holding a V shape at the jaw formation for a more customizable build. The jaw has integrated loopholes for easily inserting a elastic strap. It is lighter than it's solid resin counterpart with inner structural design in the opaque spacings.

The Fox Skully has my classic hidden hinge design with a soft angle limiter for natural Jaw movement. It is recommended to add a easy 1" width elastic band for the following snap jaw effect along with foam strips for a snug fit.

Material colors have been added in the list.
Fits an average adult head; cir: 21.5-24"
(measure circumference around eye level)
Approx 16-17" in length,
Pre-assembled, 2 part; Jaw + Head piece
Minor blemishes may be present after the welding process.
Overall feel; Smooth along lines and rough on some edges. Voxel-like close-up

These heads can be paintable, sandable, and fillable, for use in many kinds of projects.
Sand grit@ 180-440

The surface is splash resistant. It should not be submerged for long periods of time in water or left long periods in the sun.
Can be hand washed.

Common questions:
Is the jaw movable?
Yes and you are also able to take it off!
Since it's articulated you can add elastic straps for a snap back effect.
Fox Skullies have a very easy method of adding and removing the jaw in a few seconds.
This makes it easier to work on your build.

Can I use hot glue on it?
It accepts hot glue, industrial e5000, and even contact glue, etc.
It can warp if you use too much hot glue at a time on a single spot.
Contact glue takes about 20-30 minutes to start curing and I recommend to apply in thin layers.
Contact glue is popular for repairs.
Hot glue is popular for gluing straps and elastic bands etc.

Are you the artist?

Yes I am the original sculptor and make these at my workshop. Often they take hundreds of hours to complete.

Do you have commissions?

I offer custom work when commissions are open.

For other questions check out my store policy/FAQ section.
New listing! Some color options below are temporarily unavailable on the Etsy store.

*July 2023
Fox Skully variant 4 is here!
listing may be new for the V4
Revamp overall design
softer jaw limiter (wider opening)
Slightly longer snout
Slightly bigger head (fits upto 24" -most large heads)
Updated Teeth for better accuracy

Thanks for reading!

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