Maker References

Maker References

I like to support makers who use these bases. 💙

If you're a maker with a link available, let me know and I'll have a affiliate reference here currently free of charge!

Maker/Shop Name: 

Link(s): Twitter, .comsite, tiktok, YouTube, etc. 

Short description: (Full suit maker, Cosplay, decoration master, etc)



Must have atleast 2 project makes and positive reputation.

You'll need at least 2 works/pictures. Somewhat professional pictures are recommended but not required (eg, works on a table, mannequin, or worn for display are good. Works on the floor or carpet are not good).

Projects must look complete, no WIPS. A finished head partial is considered complete. 

Negative reputation with valid proof will be removed. 

Return crediting is required via link or text (


Repeat makers will have extra % discounts. 🌟

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