Skully FAQs

Skully FAQs


I make everything from scratch as a one person army;
from sculpting & art making, file prepping, constant technical machine maintenance and calibrations, customer service, inventory, post cures,post processing, sanding, painting, and packaging!
It takes alot of work but its out of love of the craft.

(FAQs) Frequently asked Questions:

Do you do updates?
Feel free to message for a weekly/bi-monthly update on your order if you wish.
Sometimes extra options above the regular base will take more days over Etsy's estimate for example. Lead times increase when there's more orders to fulfill also.

Can I check in for an update? 
Checking in is easy-peasy. Just drop a message that you are checking in to see a status update. I usually get back with a full update within a day or two.
Providing your order number and date on the message title helps me identify an estimate and status quicker. 👍

Do you give automatic updates? 
I will eventually give a order update with
a tracking number which is provided for all orders once reaching the packaging stage.

Please make sure your address is absolutely correct to prevent any delays. USPS only ensures USPS verified addresses (I also include insurance to any Priority mail and up orders).
Once I reach the packaging phase, if anything pops up I will alert you if your address is incorrect by usps (Etsy does not allow me to purchase labels in this case).
I can hold a package upto 21 days if needed free of charge.
There's no fee if you have an address change (but please let me know in time as there is a small risk of hiccups).

If there's any questions I'm here to help!

Please use the Etsy messaging relay for the fastest reply! I don't monitor the email handle. Or, use Website through the chat icon.

Other FAQ & Instructions:
Wolf Skully V4 and below- jaw insert
1) Insert mandible across the zygomatic area( behind the eyes)
2) Push gently on both hinges to the hole loop

Wolf V5 & V6 & Wendigo
(Use Fox Skully method)

Fox Skully Insert
This is the opposite of the Wolf Skully.
1) Put hinges in place first
2) Rotate the mandible and gently push it behind the zygomatic area (eye /Temple area).
*These are available as a video instruction on Tiktok: @IcyDragons2*
YouTube: Icydragons

Material PLAstic
Has overall good hardness and is durable.
It is biodegradable, sandable, paintable and meltable ( for hot iron mods).

Material special condition: RAW
What is RAW condition? It is basically unfinished/straight out the oven works. In exchange for a discount, you will need to polish out the rough edges on your own. It is a good start for those with tools handy. 

 Material regular condition: Processed
If you don't order a RAW condition order, then it will be processed. Processing takes a bit of time as it involves Draft inspection, support removal, preening, sanding, firing, welding, and cleaning. Weathered pro orders come with an additional cold surface prep prior to painting to increase surface quality.

Material PLA PRO
Has better qualities and strength than regular PLAstic.
It has improved surface finish with less blemishes.

These are hand washable and should be patted dry or use a blow-dryer at a safe distance to dry. Please seal the surface first(water based sealer) if you have ordered a painted Finish (FN) order or weathered effect in order to protect the paint coating. You can use a matte finish sealer.

Is the jaw movable?
[Wolf, Fox, Bull, Dog, Wendigo, Chimera] have movable jaw sets.
With most Skullies you are also able to take it off! 
This generally makes it easier to work on your build.
For those articulated jaws you can add fabric elastics for a snap-back effect that follows your movement.
Please note additional accessories are separate items (not included unless stated) but I do like to help!

Common *recommended* craft accessories/tools;
Hot glue/Glue gun
Industrial e5000/Liquid contact glue
Foam -open cell Strips ½-1" thick
Elastic Fabric band ~1"w X 12-16" L
Head Strap & buckle or velcro (varies) & small screw set (for heavy performance)
See through mesh
Balaclava or similar

Can I use hot glue on it?
It accepts hot glue, industrial e5000, and even contact glue.
It can warp if you use too much hot glue at a time on a single spot.
Contact glue takes about 20-30 minutes to start curing and I recommend to apply in thin layers.

Can I drill on it?
Yes, you can drill. Self drilling screws or small drills recommended. Apply slowly. EPX options might be the exceptions. 

Can I modify the shape/look?
Yes you can modify. You can additionally use a 3D pen for mods and repairs. PLA material will bond to PLA. So if you want to add permanent ears, horns, eyebrows or even make extra support mods out of the same materials it can come in handy.

Am I able to resell it?
I support makers! You can modify to resell such as with additional accessories or finishes.I don't allow making copies nor casts, nor commercialize blank or naked works.

Other restrictions include limited derivative SA works such as the rear & hinge location/form must be credited on commercial works.

Can I use this for Cosplay or Fursuits?
Yes of course! You can use them for your creative needs not limited to Cosplay, LARP, Cyber suits, Fursuits but also for decorations, Halloween costumes, etc. I only do not support defamatory acts. 

Are you the artist? 

Yes! I'm the original designer and sculptor (my main store front is but you can also find my works on Etsy). Most iterations have hundreds of hours of sculpting and prototyping hence why they tend to look very detailed. 

Crediting or linking to my website/works are appreciated! 💙

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